The tax letter menu offers you an overview and explanations of all the letters we received for you from the tax offices. You can access the menu by logging into the software, and on the left side, you can see the tax letter menu. The beta version means that we are continuously developing this feature with the aim to make it better.

NOTE: Keep in mind to check your Tax Letter Inbox regularly. 

Although we send a notification email every time you receive a new tax letter, you might miss this notification for various reasons, e.g. the e-mail lands in your spam inbox, you have the wrong e-mail address set in the notification settings. We are not liable if you do not check your Tax Letter Inbox.

1.) The country you received the letter from

2.) Status shows you if it's a new letter or you already read it.

3.) The date we received this letter

4.) The header of the letter; is actually the summary of the letter

If you click on the row then another menu will open with the translation of the letter and what action you must take. You can download the letter here as well.